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Friday, 10 April 2020

Little thing to become BFF

“Being a good friend makes life easier. They are not able to solve all the problems, but they definitely make every difficulty easy.”

Over the years the only thing I realized from life and the number of people whom I’m connected with is only because of the clingy bond called friendship, and this means a much more than like, dislikes and emoji.

I’m sure, there must be a friend in everyone's life. We get a different peace of mind by talking to friends; we cannot define this feeling in words. Have you ever given a thought why the bond between you and your buddy is best? It’s because friendship is played without selfishness. Apart from friendship, there is no relationship that is selfless. That is why friendship is always called a true and firm relationship. Friends are bastards but these bastards are very understanding and supportive. And we know they are just a call away from us, with them every difficulty becomes easy as pie. Even when things are not going in the right direction and we want to be alone, they do not leave us.

Now, I am damn sure, a silly question revolves around everyone mind, who is our BFF then? And we have to accept this, we meet a lot of people in our life but all of them are not true friends, some of them are just friends with whom we go out, to relax stress and watch movies but we somehow also knew, they are not the ones with whom we can share our emotions.

The reality is we share our emotions with people who understand us, friends that do not need to explain everything, they stay with us to cheer good times and stay in bad times for consoling and giving hopes, they keep our secrets, and they accept you as you are and always motivate to become a better version of you.

From the moment when we learn to walk, we all have dozens of people which we call them our friends, but as time passes, as we grew older, the list keeps reducing. I think this is the story of everyone.

Little things to become anyone your Best Friend Forever (BFF): -

1. Comfort Zone - Friend circles of good and real friends create a comfort zone for you. They accept you as you are ... all your qualities and demerits, your strengths and weaknesses, all your good and bad habits. You put your life living like an open book for them and that’s the best thing, we don't have to think before speaking anything in front of them. Formalities like manners are not required in friendship. You can talk undoubtedly anything like a relationship you’re in or in a fling you just had because you are that much comfortable. There are no boundaries when it comes to your best buddy.

2. A best friend is our own made family - One family give us by God and the other family we make ourselves which has people we choose. We can’t choose our family members but we can choose our best friend, friends are family the family gets to choose, your brother from another mother or your sister from another mister. Best friends are your extended family.  What we cannot share with our own family, we can do with them, and this is the biggest benefit of this family. We can disturb them by calling them at any time, we can tell our problem. They will try to solve each of our problems.

3. Unconditional love - There is no condition for love in friendship, we accept them as they are best friends accept you and all your flaws. They don’t expect perfection. Friendship is not a selfish thing, but a living faith. Where there is a responsibility to be happy, to laugh, to joke, to be in crisis. True attempts are made here, no false promises. Friendship does not see rich poverty; friendship only sees true love and trust. Friendship is never seen by skin color, there is no condition of true friendship, it is absolutely pure.

4. Emotional Support - Good friends are always ready to listen to you. Either you are going through a difficult phase or emotionally disturbed, they are always there to support you. Sometimes we need people who can listen to us without coming to a decision and forming an opinion about us. When being alone it's hard for some of us to face the situation. When friends are together, we don't feel the need to cry. You have to be willing to give as much as you want to get, A good friend will never let you down, he will help you in every way, and one day he will heal you like a flower again.

5. Honest opinions - Your best or real friends know you well; sometimes better than you do yourself—and are not afraid to tell you things you don’t want to tell yourself.  They will judge you without bias and show you what is right and what is not. When I need my friends the most. I consult them to sort things out. Most of their advice helps me in taking a strong decision. However, I know they are not able to change the situation or circumstances but at least they can help me by reminding me that I am just a human being and I do not have to put too much pressure on myself. Saying that much can help to reduce the pain and I feel better by just expressing my problems to them. Friends are there to guide us at every step.

In the end, I just want to say friends are those parts of life which make your life really, live longer, with more laugher and less fear.

Please comment on your views and share your experiences.

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Posted By – Neelam Saroj


  1. Indeed frnds are one of the best thing in life...great points u make

  2. It's true bff are really important in life.

  3. Good work neelam keep it up


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