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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Open letter to some amazing character from a Bollywood fan

Hello people, I was thinking that If I ever got a chance to write something, I would definitely go and try something unique and different which comes directly from my heart, something on which I can write like limitless. So, here’s my first article. Hope! you would feel the same after reading this from beginning to end and encourage me to write more.

Movies, TV Series and Films which are anyways becoming a part of everyone's life. Thanks to the digital era, to help me share my thoughts on some famous celebs for their real acting.

Here are some amazing characters and open letters to their uniqueness and performing the character effortlessly.

1. DEEPAK (Massan):

Dear Mr. Vicky Kaushal,

In that Ghats of Varanasi, when you screamed “sala ye dukh kaahe khatam nhi hota”, while all of Ganga walked away slowly with whatever remained of shalu, I felt like letting out a scream myself. You see, when it was my turn to let Ganga have my shalu, I turned mute. But, you were brave enough to accept the loss and to let it out into the world to find a home. The meaning of "massan" is crematorium. And they named it right. Because with people, our love also burns on the pyre. It's a funeral for everything we’ve ever lost. And only some of us are brave enough to let that last token of their love go. When you threw that ring into the river, my heart came into my mouth. Even if you jumped in to find it again which you did found. And I understand, if you hadn’t, Devi’s “modesty” would’ve been the next thing to burn while the society poured kerosene on it. Your biggest sacrifice saved someone’s existence that day. Here, I’m letting you know in case she hasn’t told you already. Like other Bollywood heroes, you didn’t scream or sing for your dread lover’s body while it was in front of you. You mourned, like the rest of us. You took a hammer to your heart and kept breaking until there was nothing left. You didn’t lose track of your life. Deepak there’ll be a day when another train will go by and you’ll again hear your “dill Ki awaz”.

2. JENNIFER (Kal ho na ho):

Dear Mrs. Jaya Bachan,

You are the real hero of your family. You instantly came off as a kind and self-sufficient mother who was raising three beautiful kids alone and was quite amazing at it. Those inspiring widows who refused to let their ill-fate and loneliness make them bitter. Just like them, you too defined the true strength of womanhood to me. It’s always shattering to lose your partner but how do you heal when your partner decides to take his own life? You answered this for me jenny. You filled yourself with love- just pure love. I always wondered why you put up with a horrible mother in law who constantly put you and your daughter down, but I see it today. You put up with her because you loved her. You had made your husband’s family your own. You installed the cultural values of both our husband and your own faith in your children. You proved a woman doesn’t have to carry a child inside her to be her mother. You forgave your husband. You forgave the other woman. You did not let your heartbreak reduce an ounce of all the love in your heart. You shaped every bit of the woman that I am turning out to be. I know despite everything; your husband was a good man. You know how? Because God give him you.


Dear Mr. Ranbir Kapoor,

I heard that you left your job in Paris, was it so easy for you? At the beginning of the Manali trip, we saw the bunny who flirted with every other girl. A guy who goes on a vacation with his best friends. But the letter, did we all know there was something more to it. This trip was not just a vacation. You had dreams, you wanted to travel to every corner of the world! “Mai udna chata hu, mai daudna chahta hu… bas rukna nahi chahta”. The dilemma to choose between your dreams and love perfectly portrayed in the song “kabira”. For a moment we all thought that you left. But again, we were wrong you came back to prove that “home is where the heart belongs to” the guilt in your eyes of having not met your father for one last time sends across a message: always tell how much you love them before it’s too late! Also thank you for letting us know that thodi flirting karna sehat ke liye acha hota hai, like yoga!

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment on your views and share any other Movie Celeb that you want me to write about.

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Posted By – Pushpa Saroj


  1. It is completely different from the open letters I have read till now, it shows completely different sides of the characters we all have loved.
    I felt the emotion ❤

  2. Nice, Deepak is one of my favorite character.

  3. It's completely different from the open letters I have read so far
    It showed the different side of the characters we all have loved so far and I am in more love with them
    I felt the emotion❤

    1. Thank you so much for your applications and I'm glad that you felt the emotion. ☺

  4. Well written, Deepak and bunny are my one the favourite character and really i'm glad that you felt the same way i feel......would love to read more, please keep writing.......

  5. Bunny letter is bestimated among all..

  6. the characters you portrayed here are just pure class but one more character i would like to suggest you to share your views upon is Ved from Tamasha...

  7. Wow Pushpa. They are truely beautiful. Love your pieces. ❤️


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