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Thursday, 2 April 2020

The truth of one-sided love...one-sided feeling

While reading one of my friend's articles - “Love or Lust. Which one is real?” I feel to write something about the thin line. Yes. If you truly love a person, you will love them forever, even they can’t see you that way. That’s the power of love, it is unconditional, it is real and it is pure. And it can happen with anyone, anywhere, and at any age. The person who is in love starts doing things out of the way for a person on the other side which doesn’t respond in the same way, this feeling is known as unrequited love or more specifically “one-sided love”. And here is the beauty part, the person on the other side is unaware of that. One-sided love is a very beautiful feeling.

Whenever I walk alone for a while and watch people, there are many that may be going through this or maybe gone through something in the past and now finally overcame. Believe me, for me it was never a burden, I believe there is a kind of sick pleasure we get in one-sided love, a kind of beautiful pain. I tried to talk to him during my school days. I used to stare at him while sitting in class. The way he smiled, made my heart fell for him. By just thinking about him, all my stress, worries, tensions used to go away and I always loved the way he ignored me maybe because I always knew what the real meaning of one-sided love was. I never took that thing much seriously I guess this thing always made me powerful from inside but I always knew this is something that is going to end up and somehow, I never wanted it to. I knew he would never have the same feelings for me.

So, I just hold back my expectation with time but that doesn't mean I stopped loving him but I understood that I am a one-sided lover and I don't need him to love me just to love him back.

I loved her anyway this is the truth, beauty, and purity. These are small words but make a huge difference.

Even after all these years, I still think about him sometimes. He was one of the nicest parts of my memories. I also wish he never comes back into my life because I guess that is how it works, happy with that love which was one-sided and I wish it stays like that.

Anyone who has experienced love will know how powerful it can be.

Probably, the thin-line is the truth, beauty and purity of love.

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment on your views and share your experiences.

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Posted By – Ria Singh


  1. Definitely true. Love is unconditional and the way you describe it's amazing. Waiting for other article.

  2. Really touched my heart. One sided love is indeed very powerful. ❤️

  3. 🖤🖤 one sided love huhhh?? Thats the thing i used to feel and i know how it feels.. i know what's a sick pleasure and hatts off to the writer... i mean i seriously love this article and wanted to meet the person who wrote it.....🖤🖤🤤

  4. Its like written by a person who truly knows whats the pain and pleasure of love is... soo i love it... and keep writing it makes my day

  5. Very well written, i can feel your words because i also had that similar kind of one sided love in my school days, i also used to stare at him and every time my eyes only used to find him, i know it's too heartbreaking sometimes that how he used to ignore me but still it's the beautiful feeling one can ever have.One sided love is so pure and unconditional, you just don't want anything in return....and that's what true love is about....would love to read more articles, please keep writing.......

  6. Thank you everyone for your support♥️.
    i'm surely going to write some more articles.

  7. Thank you everyone for your support♥️.
    i'm surely going to write some more articles.


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